Cottage Grove


RPH-West-Cottage Grove

The Memory Care Residences at Cottage Grove opened in the spring of 2009. These four adjacent residences exemplify Rochester Presbyterian Home’s philosophy and vision for Elder care as we nurture relationships that feel like family within homes that are truly home.

At Cottage Grove, there are no long corridors, imposing medical equipment or medication carts. Instead, you walk into an open concept living room, dining area and state-of- the-art kitchen. Elders may help in the kitchen with meal preparation or gather around the hearth for conversation. They share meals with staff members in the dining area. The twelve Elders in each house have a private bedroom and bathroom. There is plenty of outdoor space with a front porch and a secure courtyard that connects the four residences.

This model of care is particularly appropriate for persons living with dementia because the setting is small, familiar and comforting. More importantly, the Eden Alternative philosophy embraced by the employees assures that the Elders are the center of life and are inspired to develop genuine relationships that nurture the human spirit.

Alice’s House

The elders residing at Alice’s House love the outdoors. They often sit on their front porch or in the courtyard watching the birds or tending the garden. Alice’s House offers Enhanced Assisted Living care for persons with moderate dementia. There is a higher staffing ratio and greater personal support for these elders. (Alice’s House is licensed as an Enhanced Assisted Living Residence).

Daisy’s House

The Daisy’s House elders form a tight-knit family and enjoy caring for one another. Many help with household chores like setting the table, weeding the garden, and even vacuuming. The elders love word games, discussion groups, and sharing their stories.

Helen’s House

At Helen’s House, the elders like to reminisce and they often intrigue staff members with their life stories. Laughter is abundant in this house and the elders are very gracious hosts to their many visitors.

Mary’s House

Mary’s House was the last residence to open at Cottage Grove. The elders in this house are very generous and like to give to others. They recently made blankets for the children’s hospital and collected flip flops for a women’s shelter. This family of elders especially enjoys intergenerational programs and outings.

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